The Trying Times

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Another reason

reporter: Jonathan, 30.6.05

Scott just showed me this article

A clear majority of Parliament looks set to support sending Green MP Sue Bradford's controversial anti-smacking bill to a select committee for public submissions....

National social services spokeswoman Judith Collins said her party opposed the bill and would replace it with a full review of the child abuse issue if it won power.

Who to vote for?!?!

reporter: Jonathan, 29.6.05

I have been thinking, due to this post, who I should vote for.

My first reaction is to say that my main goal in the future of New Zealand Government is that Labour be removed from the position where it can do more damage.

This can only be done one way.


Let me explain my reasons.

Under MMP there is no point voting for small parties. The chance that they pass the 5% needed to get into parliment is too low. In the last 2 elections under MMP approx 5% of votes have been discarded due to this. This means the voting %'s are redistributed meaning bigger parties get more MP's. If the votes allocated to smaller parties were actually given to the party they were intended for at the last election, then Ashraf Choudhary would not be in parliment. His abstention in the Prositution reform bill allowed it to pass.

So unfortunately parties that are not yet in parliment will struggle to get there. Which is a shame because I would like to vote for a party like christian heritage or maybe destiny but doing so will waste my vote, as i have done at the last 2 elections!

Of the parties already in government. The Greens and Progressives both support Labour unquestionably. So they are ruled out.

United future seems to have some good ideas and a seeming christian base to it, but they also supported Labour. Which is a decision I'm sure they regret now, but never-the-less I will not vote for them because of it.

The Maori Party... well i'm not Maori... sorry i don't know much about them but won't be voting for them as I would like to see an end to treaty claims, race based funding, etc.

ACT. They unfortunately may fall below the 5% and with no promised electoral seat, voting for them could also be a wasted vote.

So that leaves NewZealand First, and National.

And after viewing a pp slide showing different party views (voting) on matters of national moral significance. National came out on top. Actually they came out on top of every other party except for United Future.


Just as an aside... I have been also thinking, because of this post, that I should vote Labour. As it would be better for Labour to be in power when the country crashes down around us.

Just a thought!

Social Service vs. Social Action

reporter: Jonathan, 28.6.05

Lets create an illustration to show the difference between these 2 things.

...There is a street corner which has no traffic lights or give way signs or any kind of traffic control systems in place. This corner has become notorious for serious accidents because of this...

Social Service would be likened to the Ambulance or other emergency services which attend the scene of these accidents. A vital thing in this situation.

Social Action would be likened to the people who petition local or central government to install traffic control systems at this intersection. Also vital.

Here is a real life situation

...Our country is falling apart because it is falling away from God...

Social Service is spreading the Gospel, helping those discriminated against, etc

Social Action is working with government to move our country back to a Biblical Moral Base.

If we Only have ambulances and never install traffic lights or if we have no ambulances and only install traffic lights then we will have big problems...

Christians as a whole need to be involved in both. And not just that, we need to work together, not criticize each other.

Social Action and Social Service are not opposites. They are different things but ultimately they leading to the same purpose. They are both nessesary.

Hello Mrs Davis

reporter: Jonathan, 28.6.05

Anita was asking "What should I wear/do/say(?)" when Helen comes to her work today. Well I'm thinking that mentioning this mornings Herald-DigiPoll may not be a good idea!

I'm Saddened

reporter: Jonathan, 27.6.05

I want to Blog... I have so much to say... But I am also feeling Down.

So I won't bother.

Breaking news!

reporter: Jonathan, 25.6.05

This just in....

Andrew J Couthard still dislikes facial hair but he does have himself a blog.

You can find it right here

Um... I'd like to have an argument please

reporter: Jonathan, 23.6.05

What happened to good old debate and argument.

What is really annoying is when you put up a good argument and people respond by either personal attack or a statement about how your argument is wrong and having absolutely no reasoning nor counter argument to back up their claims!

Lefties! RAAAAAA!

Lost and Found

reporter: Jonathan, 22.6.05

I've lost something!!! I was wondering if anyone could help me find it! I was looking for it this morning and it just wasn't anywhere!!

Has anyone seen Customer Service lately?????

I journeyed via Shell Manurewa this morning to gain some needed petrol. Arriving on the forecourt I was confronted by numerous vehicles scattered about, all waiting in anticipation for the vacating of one of the precious pumps. After my, not massive but significant, wait I was able to get into a pump space (and meanwhile more cars were arriving!). I ventured into the shop to find a small queue of persons waiting to pay for their petroleum.

What blew me away, was this... Inside the shop I found, with my very own eyes, 4 people in Shell uniforms.... Not 1.... Not 2.... Not 3.... But FOUR! How can this chaos be created when 4 staff are on shift!!! There was NO ONE on the forecourt, 1 person on the till and the remaining 3 people were standing around laughing while 1 of them stacked KitKats nicely on the shelves!!


I repeat... Has anyone seen Customer Service lately?????

Look out New Zealand!

reporter: Jonathan, 21.6.05

Apparently Cave People have been spotted in auckland!


reporter: Jonathan, 21.6.05

Check it out!

Maybe people aren't as stupid as I'd thought!

We're all a bunch of monkeys!

reporter: Jonathan, 20.6.05

What up kids!!

Well I'm gonna just rant about creation. Hope you don't mind.

I had the privilege of attend a few answers in Genesis Seminars over the weekend!
How awesome was that?!
Big ups to the AIG people for their hard work and putting on the free seminars for us. It was such an encouragement!

So yeah... I'm gonna jump on Scott's bandwagon here... State education is not neutral!!! Science taught from the perspective of evolution is not neutral.

Evolution is not science! it's a belief system.

for example... as bible believing Christians we say that God has existed forever... and that the earth was created by God from nothing... and people say "what a load of rubbish.... you can create something from nothing! And how can God have existed forever!"

so lets look at evolution... it started with the big bang... what happened with the big bang... first there was nothing... then nothing exploded and created everything... same problem.... something is created from nothing!

same issue!

Then some smart scientist came up with an awesome idea to solve this... "No it wasn't something from nothing... What's happening is a repeating cycle where there's a big bang... then everything compresses again and then there's another bang again and so on and so forth" and all they're doing is pushing the problem back millions on years. It still had to start at some point! Or maybe it has been in existence forever...

Same issue!

These flaws in their theory make it as much based on faith and belief as any other religion.

Evolution vs creation is not science vs religion... but religion vs religion.

And therefore the belief system of evolution being taught as a basis for science in our state schools means our state schools are teaching religion.

They're not neutral!


Small Furry Creatures

reporter: Jonathan, 17.6.05

On the facial hair front!...

I cannot believe people could think that facial hair could potentially make the difference between marrying someone or not!

I was trying to stick up for the girls in this world that they live in under an intense pressure to look good. but it seems that's how they prefer it!

oh well...

Girls! This post is dedicated to girls

reporter: Jonathan, 15.6.05

I have been thinking recently and have decided that I feel incredibly sorry for girls! And also that I would never want to be one!

With the push of the feminist movement women now have the vote and many other opportunities in life mainly in the area of career choices and the like.

But why I feel sorry for girls is because along side these things the pressure on girls to fit in and look good has also increased.

My thinking on this came about due to the discussion of facial hair. A lot of girls don’t like facial hair, and a possible explanation for this I think could be that girls are jealous.

If I guy does not shave his face for a few weeks, no one really cares! It doesn’t affect him and doesn’t really affect others. The odd person might say “that looks bad” but also people may say “that looks good”. No big deal.

If a girl were to not shave her legs for 3 weeks! That’s social suicide! She couldn’t leave the house! People would laugh at her and talk about it behind her back!

I suggest an underlying reason for girls problem with facial hair is that they wish this same pressure that is on them, to be on the guys also!

Shame on us!

Shame on society!

That we are so superficial!