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Lost and Found

reporter: Jonathan, 22.6.05

I've lost something!!! I was wondering if anyone could help me find it! I was looking for it this morning and it just wasn't anywhere!!

Has anyone seen Customer Service lately?????

I journeyed via Shell Manurewa this morning to gain some needed petrol. Arriving on the forecourt I was confronted by numerous vehicles scattered about, all waiting in anticipation for the vacating of one of the precious pumps. After my, not massive but significant, wait I was able to get into a pump space (and meanwhile more cars were arriving!). I ventured into the shop to find a small queue of persons waiting to pay for their petroleum.

What blew me away, was this... Inside the shop I found, with my very own eyes, 4 people in Shell uniforms.... Not 1.... Not 2.... Not 3.... But FOUR! How can this chaos be created when 4 staff are on shift!!! There was NO ONE on the forecourt, 1 person on the till and the remaining 3 people were standing around laughing while 1 of them stacked KitKats nicely on the shelves!!


I repeat... Has anyone seen Customer Service lately?????


It's located at number 3 Niall Burgess Road in Mt Wellington and goes by the name Electrolux Sales. The best Whiteware after sales service in the country :)

reporter - Blogger Alexandra, at 12:46 pm, June 22, 2005 

Sorry bro, can't find it either.. Had a really good look too!

After working in a 5 star hotel for far too long I now can't venture out of the house for any length of time without getting depressed and very mad about the lack of (good) customer service out there. Just go to Dennys in Manukau and you will see the sadness of it all....

reporter - Anonymous Michelle (Willis), at 1:00 pm, June 22, 2005 

Didn't he get thrown out of parliament along with Clark?

reporter - Anonymous Allan, at 4:03 pm, June 22, 2005 

ps. While I am too lazy to update my blog and it's links, while you are in a spring cleaning mood I should point out my addy has changed in the last 2 years ;-)

I'll get your blog linked as soon as I find something worth posting about.

reporter - Anonymous Allan, at 4:05 pm, June 22, 2005 

Or the customer service at Manurewa McDonalds! Truely truely bad

I really like your new blog template!!!!

reporter - Blogger Anita, at 8:27 am, June 23, 2005 

I just love how because my name starts with 'a' I gets to be at the top of lots of blog link lists.


reporter - Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:19 am, June 23, 2005 

tehe... not for long alana :)

reporter - Blogger Jonathan, at 2:27 pm, June 23, 2005 

Yeah, Campbell Live did a thing the other night on 'tipping' and why Kiwis don't really tip waiters etc. It's cos you seriously can't get any decent service in NZ so why on earth would we tip?! However we did discover one place with absolutely fantastic service - "Strawberry Fare" in Wellington!! Anyone ever been there? We were blown away! That's how it should be all the time!

reporter - Anonymous Crina, at 10:51 am, June 24, 2005 

how about any mcdonalds *rolls eyes* exception, McDs Napier had good service and everything was actually clean.and yes dennys manukau has really bad CS.

Ah yes, the famous missing 's' - just so ya know Jono my name has an 's' b4 the cilla bit ;) hence priScilla. unless u did that on purpose...heh

reporter - Blogger Silla, at 3:25 pm, June 25, 2005 

sorry bout that pri-killa.
will fix.

reporter - Blogger Jonathan, at 4:59 pm, June 25, 2005 

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