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Dear Anonymous

reporter: Jonathan, 22.9.06

If you wish to discuss with me how beautiful my fiance is then please feel free to do so, providing you are not hiding like a little girl behind anonymity. Just as I would not discuss things in my personal life with random strangers on the street, with unidentified callers on my telephone or unknown txters on my mobile phone, I will not discuss such things with an anonymous commenter on my blog.


reporter: Jonathan, 21.9.06

You may notice a minor change to my blog.

I now have a section called "My Group Blogs" which has a (very very small) list containing other blogs which I will also post on from time to time.

- First one is the world famous ALFA BLOG. I've just posted some good news there so go check it out!
- Second is a new topical blog dedicated to the issues surrounding Section59. I haven't posted there myself yet but plan to soon so pop by for a look every so often.

Too Funny

reporter: Jonathan, 18.9.06

Engagement Party!

reporter: Jonathan, 15.9.06

Provided you are not a weird stalker type person who I don't really know, please feel free to heed the following advertisement.

Lovely Labour Leaders Look at the Law

reporter: Jonathan, 15.9.06

I'm amused at what has been thrown around in the media lately regarding the Labour Party's views on electioneering (i dunno if that's speled rite). To cut a long story short they seem to be looking to do 2 things;

1) Pass retrospective legislation (which is always bad news) which justifies what they did in regard to electioneering.

2) Pass legislation which makes illegal what National did in regard to electioneering.

Basically making what is illegal, legal and what is legal, illegal.

Regardless of who you support and how you feel on this particular matter, it's certainly a sign of a desperate government when they show such disregard for the law by using it simply to satisfy their own desires.

Why Mr Willis is sad

reporter: Jonathan, 12.9.06

Check this out.