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More questions!!

reporter: Jonathan, 3.11.05

We find in scripture that the three persons of the trinity are equal.

We also see Jesus through creation and also in his earthly ministry submitting to the will of the Father.

We see the Holy Spirit being sent by the Father. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't know of a place in scripture the where the Spirit does something of it's own accord. It is most commonly sent by the Father. The spirit Submits to the Father.

So there seems to be, in our knowledge of the word equality, a contradiction.

When I looked up the word equality in my Microsoft Word thesaurus I found two root meanings. 'Sameness' and 'Parity'. So I looked up the meanings of these word in the dictionary. I've deleted some from parity as they relate to Science, Money or Military weapons, not exactly on the topic!

1. The quality or condition of being the same.
2. A lack of variety or change; monotony.
1. Equality, as in amount, status, or value

So to the questions!!!

What does it mean that the 3 members of the Trinity are equal?

What does it mean that male and female are equal?

are these relationships comparable?

A Question

reporter: Jonathan, 2.11.05

This is an extract from a book I'm reading.

Clue #4: Christ Is Equal to God the Father

The fourth reason we believe that head/kephale in l Corinthians 11:3 should be understood as "source/origin" rather than "authority/leader'' is based on the theological implications for the third pair in the series, Christ/God. We know that Jesus voluntarily yielded to His Father's will throughout His earthly ministry. But this doesn't mean that within the Trinity the Son is in some sort of permanent, one-sided submission to the Father. In fact, the mutual submission we're supposed to have in the Body of Christ flows out of the mutual submission of members of the Trinity to one another.

In the Bible we see each member of the Trinity lovingly bestowing honor on the others. The Father always commends the Son and works through the Spirit; the Son always yields to the Father and promotes the Spirit, and the Spirit always points to the Son and does what the Father says. The Trinity is the ultimate model of servanthood, preferring one another in love and honor, always submitting to one another in perfect unity.

The question I have is this.

"Can anyone see anything wrong with what is written here?"

I don't want people to comment on whether they agree with it or not. I don't want people to comment on the theological implications of what is written here. I just want you think as if you had never read anything about the trinity before. From that aspect is something wrong with what is written.

Does that make sence?