The Trying Times

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The Media are at it again

reporter: Jonathan, 30.5.07

Again an example that the media are not neutral.

On this page on the TV3 website I saw this heading...

'Destiny Church protests against freedom of religion'

That is misrepresentation!

Smack That!

reporter: Jonathan, 2.5.07

Goodness me...

Sue Bradford is a Lair!

In the face of massive public rejection of her Anti-Smacking Bill Sue Bradford blames this on the 'fact' that the opponents of her bill are 'mis-informing' the public!


The only person mis-informing the public is the likes of Sue Bradford

If you go here and watch the video of Sue on Close up. At around 3:50 on the time scale Sue start to ramble about the label 'Anti-Smacking' that has been given to her Bill. She claims that it's not an Anit-Smacking bill, she never called it that, and blames this 'mis-information' on the opponents of the bill.

Then go here... a Green Party Press Release dated 6th October 2003.

Further on in the video of Close-Up Simon Barnett, who did an awesome job in the interview, explains how Sue had told him in a radio interview that if she saw him smack his child in the supermarket she would report him to the Police. He went on to ask how can he be garanteed to not face prececution for giving a light smack. Hone Harawera's responce was "don't smack your kids".

Sue and Helen stop lying to the New Zealand Public... This is an 'Anti-Smacking Bill'