The Trying Times

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reporter: Jonathan, 21.6.03

Well well well....
I'm just winding down for the day.
My parents are away in Nelson for my Uncles birthday, so I decided to have some guys over for dinner. It was pretty cool.... the dinner tasted great. The only thing that I didn't like was how the T.V. kinda killed the evening a bit. As soon as it is switched on it has the power to destroy all sensible conversing that is going on and it has some kind of gravitational force that draws people to it. It's quite sad really. In the end we started playing cards which was a nice change. We played 'scum' or 'president'... well it has a few other names but they're not worth repeating. I can quite proudly say that i was never scum! (how ever a was vice-scum on more than one occasion). It was a nice suprise when Debbie Winter showed up. Not something you would expect when she lives down south. I must say the pav was pretty good. Thanks Debs. The legend of the pav lives on!

Well I should be trying to get some sleep soon. I have the job of videoing my boss's wedding tomorrow and it would not be a good look if I were to fall asleep.

reporter: Jonathan, 18.6.03

I'm back!!!
If you haven't been reading Scott's Blog then you will be wondering where I'm back from! Scott and I have spent the last couple of days tramping. Yesterday afternoon (tuesday) we treked from the car for about 2 and a half hours to the hut. And then this morning we climbed to the top of the pinnacles and back to the hut before returning to the car. Talk about up hill!!! It was more like rock climbing than tramping for quite a bit of the way. Anyway... it was an awesome experience. Good opportunity to get away from everything and talk. We spend a bit of time on tuesday night going through Malachi and then James they're both wicked books. I know STEPS have been going through Malachi. It's all about God being angry at his people for being half-hearted and deceitful with their giving to God. Very challenging. James has some awesome verses. One that stood out especially is James 4:4b "whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." Thats pretty powerful and scary stuff! But something alot of us as Christians need to realize! After our reading we decided to spend some time in prayer before going off to bed. So it was a very encouraging and challenging experience in more ways than one!... including the fact that Scott forgot the noodles! tehe
Yeah... so that's something I think we need to do more often. Just get away from the world! Not necessarily tramping but just getting away. Although tramping is good. If you can do it often enough you won't need Strong Bad's Ab-Abber 2000!

reporter: Jonathan, 13.6.03

Ok ok ok.... so I haven't posted for a few days. my excuse? We to be completely honest. I've been on the net each night for the last few nights and thought 'I'll go do a post'. but then decided that apart from 'Hi' or 'I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a post about sibbie' that there wasn't much for me to say. I Don't wanna make my blog all boring! so there's my excuse.

Ok time for the real bit of the post (yes I do have something to say today)

Well last night I was thinking... (I can do that sometimes)... I feel I really don't pray hardly enough at all. So I decided it would be good to get out my Bible and do a bit of reading about prayer. The first verse I thought of was 1 Thess 5:17 "pray without ceasing". Which of course is almost the exact opposite to how I have just descibed my prayer life... Yeah... So then I just used the little thing in the middle of the page that has other passages on the same topic. I followed that to Luke 18. The parable of the persistent widow, which teaches us to be persistent in prayer. Again another way in which my prayer life doesn't deserve a pizza. And finally I was directed (by the bit in the middle of the columns) to 1 Samuel 12:23 "As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by failing to pray for you.".... This passage really struck me. I guess I've always thought that the people who pray hard-out... They're kinda just like super-great Christians. and those that don't pray so much. Well they're just normal Christians. But that's really not true at all. By not praying as I should - without ceasing - I'm actually sinning! Maybe I'm just slow... or dumb... or both... but I had never realised that before! It's kinda scary! So there's my challenge for now... to build my prayer life... And as it says a bit earlier in 1 Thess 5 "And we urge you, brothers, warn those who are idle"... So hit me up about it when you next see me... see if I've been good or not. Thanks...

I'd just like to point out something that I've found to be one of the most frustrating things ever. When it's late at night, and you're just feeling right and ready to crash into your nice warm comfortable bed. You shut down the computer (if you're a geek) and head to your room (if you're not quite enough of a geek to have the computer in your room) only to find... that your bed isn't made!!!! It kinda sounds stupid. But it's happened to me a few times now. (one being last night).

Anywayz... there's my post. I hope it was worth the wait.

reporter: Jonathan, 8.6.03

Well I'm happy... I've sorted out the graphics at the top of the page. so YAY no more add banner! I'm just gonna be a stola and steal some script from dan's page and make a drag and drop Homestarrunner.
Hope you all are having a nice weekend

reporter: Jonathan, 7.6.03

I'd just quickly like to apologise for the shocking graphics... I will sort it out as soon as I install photoshop

reporter: Jonathan, 6.6.03

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Did it give you a fright???... You were expecting plain boring old Jono's Blog!... And what did you get?... New exciting Jono's Blog!... Now that's what I call more blog for your buck!

reporter: Jonathan, 4.6.03

Well I just did a big post... and lost it. and to be honest... I can't be bother writing it out again. So to cut a long story short. I got 81.8% for workplace communications. I'm pretty pleased with that. I'm also pretty pleased cos I just built up my computer.

So on a scale from 1 to awesome I've had a pretty good day. tehe

Nato and anyone else who is wondering... Datto is short for Datsun, refering to my Datsun 1600. Which is sadly in millions of pieces waiting for the day when it will drive once again.

I should goto bed... goodnight all

reporter: Jonathan, 3.6.03

Good Morning,

It doesn't feel like tuesday!
Yesterday I played counter-strike with Scott, Dan and Muffy. It was annoying cos my computer had the most latency so I was getting wasted, But it was heaps of fun all the same. We were gonna go for a drive somewhere and go for a walk, but never got around to it!

Well I should be going off to work now, Hope everyone has a good day,

May the week finally begin....