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reporter: Jonathan, 29.6.06

What ever happened to pride?... Not rude arrogant self pride... But pride in our families and our community.

Has any seen the new train station in Manurewa? It's not even finished yet and it's covered, and I mean really plastered, in graffiti.

And need I mention the Kahuis?

Why is it that we have such low regard for our families and community that vandalism and violence are now more than acceptable and are even cool? and how can we reverse this trend?

Wedding Pics!

reporter: Jonathan, 27.6.06

Here's a couple of pictures from Dwaine and Catherine Faletanoai's Wedding - 24.06.06.

In the Merc!...

And who are these studs?...
Maybe I should turn The Trying Times into a PhotoBlog?


reporter: Jonathan, 23.6.06

Why is there a dark spot in that light fitting?

Opinion Poll

reporter: Jonathan, 23.6.06

Who thinks I should buy this car?

A Joke...

reporter: Jonathan, 15.6.06

This is an absolute Joke! please follow the link and read the article if you haven't already. It's long but contains a very interesting and disturbing read.

For those who don't I'll just give you a brief outline......

A boy had behavioural problems. He had kicked a hole in a toilet door at school and sworn at his Deputy Principal. For this he was give six strikes on his trousered bottom with bamboo cane, the type used to stake small pot plants. He also tried to strike his step father in the head with a baseball bat. Unable to find the bamboo cane she used a small riding crop (the "horse whip") which, she said "gives a stinging sensation which is memorable but not injurious. I have tried it on myself."

The discipline, she said, was effective. The lad gave her a hug and apologised and from then his behaviour changed radically for the better. School staff agreed there had been a huge improvement.

The mother was then harrased by CYFS and had the boy removed from her care after the so called "abuse" was discovered by a social worker.

"The Family Court awarded CYFS interim custody of my son, based on the hearsay of one social worker alone and without calling evidence to substantiate the social worker's claim."

The mother said she did not give or call evidence at the trial and it took the jury less than an hour to decide unanimously, on the prosecution evidence alone, that she was not guilty.



The mother said that even though the court had ruled an assault did not occur, CYFS refused to return her son, on the grounds that he had been assaulted.

So CYFS apparently know better than the New Zealand Court System and a jury (representitives of the New Zealand Public)!

May I also add that the charges were laid with a great deal of reluctance by the police but under pressure from CYFS.

I'm very very very very concerned that CYFS, A) are able to pressure the police in that way, and B) are able to completely ignore the justice system and get away with it!

Are others concerned about this???


reporter: Jonathan, 12.6.06

Found this article in the NZ Herald today. Very very funny...


A Local Government Association memo calls for "pilot projects for the Manilow method", a system tested in Sydney, where the strains of
Copacabana and Mandy were piped through loudspeakers into a car park where youths congregated.
The memo advises local councils to experiment with songs that young hooligans "would find almost unbearable to listen to and too uncool to hang around".

Maybe an answer to Scotts concerns?