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this is awesome!

reporter: Jonathan, 18.10.06

Over 33,000 signatures!!

33,000 - 4:50 21/10
26,700 - 3:10pm 20/10
10,000 - 3:10pm 19/10
1,200 - 3:20pm 18/10

Sign on the dotted line...

reporter: Jonathan, 18.10.06

Sign this petition!... do it now!... cos I said so!... and so did scott!...


reporter: Jonathan, 11.10.06

New Zealand has just posted a 11.47 billion dollar surplus!

Why is this? sorry Dr Cullen... who couldn't afford tax cuts?

$11,470,000,000 surplus

divided by

4,152,238 population


$2762 per person

That for every man, woman and child that lives in New Zealand.

$53.12 every week they could've paid back to each New Zealander.

Shot Labour Government

Section 59

reporter: Jonathan, 9.10.06

I've done my first post on the section 59 Blog.

Check it out if you feel the need.