The Trying Times

Probably the best commentary in the world


reporter: Jonathan, 4.9.03

[ Breaking and Entering ]

I broke into a car today! tehe how cool is that?! well technically I didn't break anything... the door was unlocked! The silly people had left their lights on... and the rear left door unlocked. So I opened the door, got in, turned off the lights, climbed out and locked the door. I was kinda wishing I had a pen and paper around cos it would've been cool to leave them a note as I'm sure they'll probably never notice anything even happened!

[ Save Mart ]

I got 4 shirts and a pair of shorts for $32!! And these are good clothes.... not like op shopy smelly dirty old clothes... in fact one of the shirts I bought still had the original tag on it. never been worn! Good job... thanks Save Mart!

reporter: Jonathan, 3.9.03

[ Runs ]

I've been going for runs lately... well more like a jog with alot of walking... but that's fast walking... not just stink walking. Anyway... The curcuit is 3.5k and i've been timing myself each time. I was thinking i should record them before a forget so where's a better place than my blog.


I'm really impressed that i've got faster each time! so it must actually be doing something!

[ My 21st ]

For those of you who i'm gonna invite... nah just kidding... everyone (who i know... not like freaky stalker people who just happen to read this blog!) is invited. My 21st is gonna be on the 26th of Sept at Covenant. The themes gonna be like a radioactive kinda thing, so get you brain ticking for something to wear! tehe

[ Shelf ]

I made a shelf... It cost 18 dollars... that's pretty cheap for a shelf... its' nearly 2 metres tall... and abot 400mm wide... it's cool.