The Trying Times

Probably the best commentary in the world


reporter: Jonathan, 30.5.03

10 points to whoever is first to guess which movie I stole a quote from in my last post!

reporter: Jonathan, 30.5.03

I'm feeling happeeeey...
I wasn't asked to redo my presentation! which is, G double O D, GOOD. That means I've passed Workplace Communications! I don't have my final mark yet, but hopefully I will soon.

btw... If you wanna check some photo's from Waihola Easter Camp 2003, I've posted mine at the link below. I'll also put the link for Bryan Davis' photo's below that.

I'm out!... SWEET!

reporter: Jonathan, 30.5.03

Well guys,

It's my last real day of Tech today. Well... for this semester anyway. I have a ten minute presentation to do at about 2 o'clock. It's about ADSL... I don't really know a whole heap about it... but my lecturers knows absolutely nothing at all about it so hopefully she won't ask any tricky questions!

I'm very late for work. It's probably not even worth me going now. I should've rung to tell them. I'm not setting a very good example. Lucky I don't have little brothers that will copy me!

Wish me luck...

reporter: Jonathan, 29.5.03

Well… isn’t this a surprise!

I guess no one even comes on here anymore!... I wouldn’t blame you.... I have posted only once in the last 2 months!

I don’t like this week.… I wish it would go away.
The only bonus about this week is, when it’s finished, there’s a long weekend. And that’s not really worth getting excited about. Yay… Happy Birthday Queen!