The Trying Times

Probably the best commentary in the world


Clint Rickards

reporter: Jonathan, 9.3.07

I don't want to condone any behaviour of Clint Rickards (or Brad/Bob) but 'm very concerned!

I'm concerned at the number of high powered people making comment on the court cases. People basically implying that he is guilty when a jury (who actually saw all the evidence) has found him not guilty. Basically saying that the jury got it wrong!

Yet look at the outcry when Mr Rickards himself said the jury got it wrong when he defended his "mates".

What is happening to our country


reporter: Jonathan, 5.3.07

My Wife and I went to an open home yesterday and were away from the car no more than 10 minutes. While we were gone this happened...

The only thing visible in our car was a sports bag with tennis rackets, and these punks were prepared to break into a car on the side of the road in broad daylight at the promise of no more than a bag and 4 tennis rackets. Unforunately for us there was more stuff in the boot. All in all about 4k worth of stuff was taken.

The car the offenders used, a gold Mitsubishi Diamante ATS249, was a stolen vehicle. We have photos of the offender offending. We were on the scene within seconds of it occurring. We have at least 1 witness to the event. And we have the address of the offenders mate. And yet despite all this 'in our favour' the cops still did not deem this important enough to attend to.