The Trying Times

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Dude, where's my car?

reporter: Jonathan, 25.3.06

Has anyone seen my car?


reporter: Jonathan, 10.3.06

Put your hand up if you like tennis! Go on... people sitting in front of computers often raise a hand in the air.

OK... so tennis is cool! I've been playing it a bit lately. Every so often the boyz get together in the evenings and have a go. More recently Scott and I have been playing on friday mornings. We'll warm up for a bit and then play a set.

I would like to say at this point that I've been kicking Scott's butt! But that would be a HUGE lie! We've played 3 sets so far. The first week was 6-0! ouch. The second week was still 6-0! still ouch. We played again this morning and it was 6-1! It was not a whitewash. Finally I have won a game!

Oh and by the way... if Scott happens to post or comment about anything stupid that I may or maynot have done during the tennis game this morning... It's not true!

Get The Edge

reporter: Jonathan, 3.3.06

I was watching TV recently and there was an infomercial for "Get The Edge". This is one of those self help programs produced by my cousin Tony Robbins. The thing that caught my attention was something Tony said during an interview. He said something along the lines of...

'You don't get satisfaction by achieving. You get satisfaction by overcoming huge odds.'

I think that's really interesting. I don't think our society believes this. NCEA for example, the pass mark is 'A' which stands for Achieve. So people are incourage to Achieve with out needing to overcome any huge odds.

Just a thought