The Trying Times

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reporter: Jonathan, 26.8.03

[ Newspaper articles ]

I've been really impressed with some of the thing that have been said in our papers lately! Thanks to people like Scott and others the Christian values and ideas that our country once held dear are being expressed!

This was taken from The "SIDESWIPE" column in the NZ Herald today - 26.08.2003.

If only Bill English was Prime Minister these NZ Catholic readers would have nothing to complain about:

"It was announced in our parish newsletter that the Prime Minister, Helen Clark, will be special guest for the celebration and blessing of the refurbished administration block and library at our local Catholic school. Gee, isn't it great to have such a special guest who doesn't believe in God, is openly pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-homosexual law reform and whose Government's policies devalue marriage and undermine family values. How appropriate is that? Was it really so hard to find anybody who promotes Christian values, rather than somebody so diametrically opposed to them? Is it really any wonder it is generally thought Catholics have lost the plot and have no credibility in today's society? What next? Bishop Pat Dunn opening an abortion clinic? It seems anything is possible.

A. Slater and B. Minnear,

PS: Sorry, Bishop Pat!"

reporter: Jonathan, 19.8.03










reporter: Jonathan, 18.8.03

[ Continuing Chatter to Clearly Cover the Concerning Case of Contoversy ]

Just a small note. My friend Nato believes there is a problem with controversy. I would tend to agree with his point, but just like to say that I think the problem is not so much with controversy. The problem is with our attitude. That is why I stated that controversy for the sake of arguement is not helpful. If we are arguing for no genuine reason we can find ourselves believing something just for the sake of it and argue it up to a point where we believe something that we only believe because we've argued for it for no reason. If that makes sence. Another thing. Arguement and controversy are not the same thing. If we create contoversy we should first believe that our position is complete, true and biblical. Only then should we consider make controversy. If controversy then just becomes an arguement then maybe we need to find a different appoach!! As we've established that the person creating controversy has a biblical position then the person argueing with them must be wrong. Most likely they will continute arguing and if it gets to a point where they just don't see your point of view then continuing to argue helps no one. If this is the case then they need the Holy Spirit to clarify it for them, not a big arguement that goes nowhere.

[ YBC ]

For those of you who have not been to a Youth Bible Conference before this is a wicked opportunity to grow in your relationship with and knowledge of the Lord and also to meet Christian people from around the country.

I've just added to the site all the information you need so you can organise your holidays around coming to YBC.

reporter: Jonathan, 15.8.03

[ Comment... ]

This start as a comment in response to Dan’s post on controversy…

Society today is all about fitting in. Blending in and following the norm, so much that even Christians try and fit in with this trend. They think that if you cause a stir then it will draw attention and that’s not good. Christians seem to be happy being private Christians, worried that people will think they’re stupid for being a Christian. I know this was true for me. Right through my school years I was happy just cruising. All my friends knew I went to church, but that’s pretty much where it stopped. I think we need to realise that this trend in society to blend in with the norm is not biblical. A lot of Churches, in a genuine attempt to reach out to young people of this age, have tried blending in with contemporary culture. But this is not what we’re called to do. What we forget is Matt 5:13-14

Salt and Light
13"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.
14"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

If we blend in with the world we will have nothing to offer the world as we have become like the world. Salt makes us thirsty, If we stand apart, different from the World then we can make the world thirst for what they don’t have. Rather than us trying to offer them a lifestyle which is no different to the one they’re currently living.

I’ll come back to Dan’s topic now. Controversy for the sake of argument I don’t think is very helpful. Controversy for the sake of being salt and light in this world of darkness I think is very important.

Thanks Dan… Let’s all try and be a bit more controversial

[ Music ]

One way we can be different and stand apart form the world is by thinking about what Music we listen to. There is so much blasphemous ungodly trash on the radio these days. The thing is... there's no reason why, as Christians, we should put up with this. There's so much decent music around. If you don't know of any why not try Life FM instead of what ever else you listen to. There's heaps of different kinds of music on there. I've recently started getting a few Christian CD's as well. I refered to PFR in my last post they're awesome. My favourite CD of the moment is one I've recently aquired. It's called 'Take Two' By Ill Harmonics. Highly recommended cd. It's kinda old school rap. With Drums that sound like real drums, cool organs and the odd bit of classical guitar.... check it out

reporter: Jonathan, 13.8.03

[ I must be bored... ]

I thought i'd play with yahoo see where I came!

jono's blog - 2

thus spake jono - 1

i'm not very good at keeping my blog upto date - 1

dan's online diary - 19

scotty's blog - 2

nato's blog - 3

There you go lots of pointless information!!!

[ PFR ]

I got my Pray For Rain (PFR) CD's today! I'm very happy... Brought all six of their albums! If you've never heard them then you're missing out!! I strongly recommend you get hold of one of their cd's somehow. Borrow them off me! but only if you're careful.

Here's the lyrics to my favourite PFR song - Forever.

I'm remembering the words inside my head
I heard them yesterday
A whisper telling me that life waits up ahead
Beyond the day to day
Through this world will hand me my fair share of pain
Leave me broken and bruised
I know there's a Father and His Son who know my name
And They will see me through
Oh yeah, I know

I believe He paid the price
A sacrifice so we could be together
And I know when I see Jesus' face
All my tears will be erased forever

Hidden in my heart
The day He called me friend
The day He set me free
I found Him one summer day
Or better said, Jesus, You found me
I gave You my loneliness and broken heart
You gave to me Your love, Your love

I've come to know
I've come to know love
I've come to know the truth
I've come to know
I've come to know love

I believe he paid the price
A sacrifice so we could be together
And I do believe I'll see the face
Of Jesus and we'll both embrace together

I want this song played at my funeral.... not that i'm planning one having one soon... but you know!

reporter: Jonathan, 12.8.03

[ Strong Men ] - like Strong Bad and Strong Mad... Strong Sad is a girl
As I said in my previous post, I'm was not suggesting everyone go out of their way and put everyone down! What I'm saying, is that the world is going to crap because the leadership in so many areas of our society is moving further and further away from God's Word. As Christians and especially the Christian Men we need to rise and meet this challenge!
You're right Anita about the woman at the well. There's also the adulterous woman that was dragged before Jesus. He said ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’ and basically let her get away with it. In both those cases the women, I believe, were convicted of their sin. The thing with Jesus is he knows our hearts. He knows when a kind word or encouragement was needed and when something stronger was called for. When he confronted the traders at the Temple he didn’t just say ‘Go in peace, your sins are forgiven’, he trashed their stalls. Because he knew their hearts he knew what the right action to take was.

Yes we do need to show God’s love and graciousness to the world. But in doing so we can’t just let ourselves be walked all over. I believe, as Lou pointed out, In many situations we are infact showing our love by standing up for what is right.

reporter: Jonathan, 11.8.03

I'm wondering if i should conform to the current trend of using Headings for each topic!.......


[ MEN ]
Right... I'm kinda picking up from a few different topics that have been going round. What sparked me to put it down was Nato's post the other day. Nato asks this important question "Where are men now??????". Dan picked up earlier on feminism and how feminist are not try to make themselves equal with males.... but are actually trying to become men. And I believe this is part of the problem. As Females are taking over the role ordained for males... the males are being pushed aside. So what we have is the genders swapping roles. Males are becoming more feminine. To the world this is not really a problem. But as Christians it most definately is, as it is reversing God's created order. As Christian men we need to start standing up for what we believe and stop letting the world go by and take over more and more of our lives. Dan has brought up some real controversial topics recently... The thing that annoyed me was when everyone starts saying that we have to be nice and we shouldn't say things like that. What happens then is everyone backs down and shuts up. Which is nice from a 'keeping the peace' point of view, but all it has done is lead people to compromise their views. What's wrong with saying that Arminianism and Feminism are wrong??? they are!!!!....... People sitting back trying to be nice about aren't solving anything. Sure I'm not saying we need to go out of our way and be horrible about it!! but i'm not going to apologise for what the Bible says!

2+2=4.... whether you believe it or if you don't!

The problem with Men today is generally they are quite happy letting people believe that 2+2=3 - just what ever feels right for you - We'll just let the feminists believe that 2+2=5 that's ok whatever works for them - People need to be confronted with their sin before they're confronted with it on judgement day.

Men of God
Men of the Bible
Men of Integrity
Men of Faith

Where are men now?????? This is answered very easily. They are sitting in the crowd hanging out. We will only notice them when they stand up. When we add to this list 'Men of Action' then people will start to notice them.

Moas - Men Of Action - We should be saying what Scott loves to say "MOAs - back from extinction"

[ Links for lost surfers ]

Chris Mason-Battley showed me this and also this at work the other day. Both which I found quite amusing.

[ Quote ]

It's time i put a quote on here.

Teach us, Good Lord, to serve Thee as Thou deservest:
To give, and not to count the cost;
to fight, and not to heed the wounds;
to toil and not to seek for rest;
to labour and not to ask for any reward,
save that of knowing that we do Thy will.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

St. Ignatius Loyola

reporter: Jonathan, 7.8.03

I got mad at my Blog... Uh... For finding nothing to rhyme with paper,
......... Uh...... I hope don't see it's name in the paper,
in the obituaries... cos that would mean it's Dead

My (clap) Blog is not dead (clap)(clap)
I'm so glad my (clap) blog is not dead
My (clap) Blog is not dead (clap)(clap)
I'm so glad my (clap) blog is not dead
My (clap) Blog is not dead (clap)(clap)
I'm so glad my (clap) blog is not... Just the claps
(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)... keep it rolling guys... (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)

Well here I am.

I am posting a post

I'd just like to pick up on the topic that seem to be so popular at the moment.

Two Choices...

I'm going to give everyone two choices today.

Option 1

You can go about doing what you would normally do today


Option 2

You can jump to the moon - The cool thing about this option is once you get to the moon all sickness and disease will cease. There will be no crime. Your body will revert to it's perfect form and will never tire. You will live for eternity with every single one of your needs met in abundance.

Which one will you choose?.. Option 1 or Option 2? - "Of course" you say "we will choose option 1. Option 2 is impossible. We cannot jump to the moon." - You say you have choosen option 1? but in fact you didn't. You infact had no choice in the first place.

This is answered in the assumtion that Option 2 is impossible, as we can't under our own power, jump to the moon.

Scenario 2

What if the power was given to you to jump to the moon?

I would suggest that given these two options any person with the ability to comprehend them would choose Option 2.
Again this is not actually a choice. Noone would choose Option 1.

Now you can argue that maybe there is someone who would infact choose option 1, but i think if you really think about it you would just be saying that for agruements sake. And also... my arguement has a flaw... it doesn't take into account the Holy Spirit... he works far beyond our comprehention.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the post.