The Trying Times

Probably the best commentary in the world


Right Unite!

reporter: Jonathan, 19.9.05

What we saw on saturday night was that New Zealand doesn't want change enough! The right tried to consolodate within the National party. However this failed to gain quite enough support for them to take control in regard to coalition talks.

No one was a winner on saturday night.

Most people I know voted from either of these 2 perspectives:-

- Voted to get a christian party into government, or

- Voted to get Labour out of government.

And the reality is; both failed!

The sad thing is; if both had united to either cause I would suggest we would still have failed.

If the .8%(ish) of voters for CHNZ and DNZ had voted for National, it still wouldn't have had enough support.

and, I can't statistically prove it, but I think that

If those really commited Christians who support the idea of Christians parties but wanted Labour out of government more, had voted for CHNZ or DNZ, they still would still have not made the threshold.

Scott has some 'D' words, I've got some more.

I'm not disciplined enough. I'm not dedicated enough. I'm not desperate enough.

Pray for me that this will change.

The Weeman

reporter: Jonathan, 16.9.05

Thanks to all who've been praying for Carl (The Weeman) Muir.

He's recovering well and will most likely be in hospital till Monday. He's still in ward 21 at Muddlemoore so feel free to pop in for a chat if you can!

This is for those who were curious about what happened.

And as I've said before... luckily he is a Weeman... cos if you check this one out... there's not much space left!

God is so good to have spared our brother from more injury. Praise the Lord!

Petrol Prices!!!

reporter: Jonathan, 13.9.05

Petrol Prices have gone down!

Yay for everyone!


I was pondering!... Petrol is not that expensive!!! Shock horror you might say!!! but think about this...

Petrol is cheaper than milk!!

Petrol is a non-renewable resource. It's main production is from overseas (it is imported). It goes through a significant refining process. All things which would suggest a high price.

Milk is a renewable resource. It is produced in abundance right here in good old New Zealand. It does go through certain processes, but doesn't need really need to. All things which would suggest a lower price.



reporter: Jonathan, 7.9.05

I am really amazed!!!

I was looking around, after thinking about yesterdays post, and was wondering how things were going with the Intelligent Design Theory (IDT) vs. Evolution debate. If found this great article in the New Zealand Herald entitled Intelligent Design - coming to a school near you.

What is amazing is the angle taken. For once the Christian perspective (IDT) is not being rubbished! It is almost as though the Science Teacher (Evolutionists) are the ones being put in a bad light.

If you have time, you should read it! It's very cool.

That would never happen here!?!?

reporter: Jonathan, 6.9.05

I was listening to the talkback yesterday. On the afternoon program they were discussing the situation of lawlessness which occurred after hurricane Katrina. The question was asked - "Would that happen here?"

People were so shocked at the reaction people had to such a terrible tragedy. That instead of helping-out, people would rather take the opportunity to abuse those in need.

But really it's not that amazing at all?!

At School, and right through life, people are not taught the value of human life. We are told that Humans evolved from nothing and that we are just animals. We believe the evolutionary statement "that the fittest will survive."

So why are we so surprised when we see/hear of people taking things at gunpoint from people dying in a hospital! Afterall - Only the fittest will survive! Those sick in hospital are no use to anyone! If you have weapons you have a means to be the fittest and to survive. Why not use them?

Our society preaches a message "We Are Just Animals!" yet is so astounded when we actually act like animals!

What's up people?!