The Trying Times

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reporter: Dan, 26.4.03

jono - tell us about easter camp

reporter: Jonathan, 7.4.03


Yes daniel is right! I'm a lazy bum! I haven't posted on here in over a month... nearly two.

Well I just got back from a nice walk(tramp)! Scotty, Mark and myself walked Clevedon Hill tonight. It was very refreshing. The nice cool air, and an owl making it's noise. The sound of trees swaying in the dark.
When we reached the top there was an awesome view of the city. The moon hovering about the sky tower. Fading in and out as the clouds past it by.
Very cool.
We had some very thought provoking discussions as we sat at the top, sipping our milo.
We were wondering... if people had just randomly evolved, could they create their own society, their own order and moral standard? interesting to think about.

Anyway. There it is... I done some blogging
I'll see how long I can keep it going!