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Clint Rickards

reporter: Jonathan, 9.3.07

I don't want to condone any behaviour of Clint Rickards (or Brad/Bob) but 'm very concerned!

I'm concerned at the number of high powered people making comment on the court cases. People basically implying that he is guilty when a jury (who actually saw all the evidence) has found him not guilty. Basically saying that the jury got it wrong!

Yet look at the outcry when Mr Rickards himself said the jury got it wrong when he defended his "mates".

What is happening to our country


Similarly themed, tho not exactly, International Women's Day was today.

Is there an International Men's Day? Why not?

Same theme as men not wanting to be school teachers because of the probability they'd be arrested on false charges of sexually assulting children just by being around them.


Give the guy his job back. Let him sue the women for character defamation. Let him sue the media for breach of privileged information. And if he does loose his job, let him sue the police force for unfair dismissal under the employment relation's act.

reporter - Anonymous Allan, at 10:04 PM, March 09, 2007 

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