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Um... I'd like to have an argument please

reporter: Jonathan, 23.6.05

What happened to good old debate and argument.

What is really annoying is when you put up a good argument and people respond by either personal attack or a statement about how your argument is wrong and having absolutely no reasoning nor counter argument to back up their claims!

Lefties! RAAAAAA!


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reporter - Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:42 pm, June 23, 2005 

I'm probably hogging the crowd. Debate is what I love to do on Bible stuff. So most of the debates are probably restricted to that chat room again. Perhaps I should stop hunting them and fishing for them with baited comments and just share with the rest of the world...


reporter - Anonymous Allan, at 2:49 am, June 24, 2005 

I disagree. I think arguments happen too often, and as christians we shouldn't participate in such petty disagreements.

reporter - Anonymous Nato, at 10:36 am, June 24, 2005 

who are you disagreeing with?

reporter - Blogger Jonathan, at 1:08 pm, June 24, 2005 

I'm disagreeing with you...

Actually, I was just being silly. You wanted an argument, so naturally I had to assume a contary position.

reporter - Blogger Nathan, at 11:33 pm, June 24, 2005 

But that's not just saying no it isn't.

reporter - Blogger Scotty, at 7:43 am, June 25, 2005 

haha... i actually agree with you tho!

we shouldn't participate in petty disagreements for the sake of it...

reporter - Blogger Jonathan, at 10:33 am, June 25, 2005 

yes it is!

(So Jono, in a sense are you disagreeing with me making this argument?, which in a sense, is rather petty :D)

reporter - Blogger Nathan, at 11:04 am, June 25, 2005 

Good morning!

reporter - Blogger Scotty, at 12:30 pm, June 25, 2005 

That was hardly five minutes!

reporter - Blogger Nathan, at 4:12 pm, June 25, 2005 

Sorry... I'm not going to argue unless you've paid!

reporter - Blogger Jonathan, at 4:17 pm, June 25, 2005 

Yo, even though you deleted my post on this board, I would like to cordially invite you to my blog, yes you read correctly I HAVE A BLOG! WOW, I know. Here's the link...

reporter - Blogger AndyC, at 6:24 pm, June 25, 2005 

But I have paid!

reporter - Blogger Nathan, at 1:29 pm, June 27, 2005 

No you haven't!

reporter - Blogger Jonathan, at 4:21 pm, June 27, 2005 

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